Dimmy got a police officer job  at the ID10T PoliceStation when Dimmy saw the building that he was working in and he was shocked looking at the 700floor skyscraper so he walked in and got in elevator it took dimmy 30minutes to get to his desk and then Dimmy’s phone started ringing Dimmy picked up his phone and answered it Dimmy herd his mum Gimmy and she said Dimmy help me the toaster fell on my toe Dimmy rushed down the building and crashed in to the house and helped his mum, Gimmy said why did you hit the house but I didn’t mean to hit it that hard

One thought on “DIMMY THE POLICE MEN

  1. I like the choice of rhyming names for the two characters in your story, Ed. It really helps it move along quickly and adds humour. I can imagine Dimmy’s frustration at having to leave work after taking so long to get there in the first place. Your story leads up to the prompt very well indeed. It is very effective to have it right at the end of your story.

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