Dimmy’s monopoly game

Dimmy was walking down the street like Dimmy dose until he saw a giant steel iron and Dimmy thought that it looked like a big monopoly player , Dimmy got sucked into a giant monopoly game and he was the iron peace although Dimmy was a master at monopoly, however he hasn’t played in a long time he rolled the dice and he rolled a 7 he moved forward and he bought the train station for $150 now it was Mr. Monopoly turn he rolled a 12 and he moved to the jail Dimmy thought he was doomed then Mr. monopoly hacked the game.

One thought on “Dimmy’s monopoly game

  1. Greetings from Western Australia Edison. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge. It was an interesting prompt. I can see you generate interesting ideas for your writing. Remember that accurate punctuation helps your readers to take meaning from your writing. It is important to re-read you text, and edit for punctuation before you publish. 😊🌻

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